Friday, February 23, 2007

Cool Sites for February 2007

I have interesting offerings for you this month: the best sites for crimes of the century! These are from an article in The Week news magazine 2/16/07.

Crime Library: Criminal Minds and Methods
Covers the full gamut of sensational killings, including "everything from Lizzie Borden to O.J. Simpson and in between." Detailed documentation explains the facts of each case.

Lizzie Andrew Borden Virtual Museum and Library
The Lizzie Borden museum site provides trial information, transcripts, and crime-scene photos about America's most famous ax murderess. The site does a good job separating "fact from fiction involving a crime that attracts attention."

Famous American Trials: Illinois vs. Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb
The site tells the story of two Chicago teens, Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, who killed young Bobby Franks in 1924 to see if they could get away with "the perfect crime." A pair of Leopold's glasses found at the crime scene brought them down. After you've explored the world of Leopold and Loeb, back up and check out the main site here, Famous Trials at; these sites were researched and produced by Douglas O. Linder at the UMKC School of Law.

Hope you will enjoy exploring the dark side! Please post your comments about these sites or other interesting crime sites!


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