Wednesday, December 6, 2006

November 2005 Sites

The Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
(Not to be confused with the City of Cedar Rapids site)
The Chamber's site is the place to go for community information: main
sections at the site include Events, Doing Business, and Live-Work-Play.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Chamber will no longer publish their annual Business &
Professional Directory; it will ONLY be available from their Web site,
where you can always get the most current information on local businesses.
The online directory is updated nearly every day.

OnGuard Online from the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) and the FTC (US
Federal Trade Commission)
This consumer brochure lists seven practices for safer computing on the
Web, including tips for protecting personal information, knowing who you
are dealing with, using anti-virus software and a firewall, setting up an
operating system and Web browser, protecting passwords, backing up
important files, and learning whom to contact if something goes wrong.
There's lots of excellent information here; please pass it along to our
patrons when you have an opportunity to do so.

Okay, here's a treat more for you all than for our patrons, a neat
literary treasure I just learned about from a friend. For those of you who
have heard of (or who subscribe to) Netflix, this is like Netflix only
with books! Check out for the largest online library of
paperback and audiobooks delivered to your door! has over
63,000 titles from which to choose (6800 CD Audiobooks, 1600 MP3-CD
Audiobooks) in all genres. You pay a monthly subscription fee (there are
several levels available) and select as many books as you like -- free
shipping and postage (both ways), no late fees. If you decide you want to
keep a book you have rented, you can even buy it at a discounted price.
The company has been in business since 2000. I think this is pretty cool.
Visit and sign up today!

I hope you will enjoy these great sites!


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