Wednesday, December 6, 2006

October 2006 Sites

With holiday gift-giving (and gift-getting!) just around the corner, Karen
J recommends sites that let you sell or swap gift cards that you can't
use. A number of places do this, some offer a bit more security than
others, but if you might be interested in unloading a gift card, or in
getting a good deal on one yourself, check out these sites: (get cash for your cards!)
There was an article in the Gazette recently about these sites which you
might look at to get an idea of things to watch out for:
Gazette 10/22/06 p. 2D (available through Newsbank online). Otherwise,
check them out and see what kinds of deals you can make!

Have you ever wished you convert your own documents to pdf format? Have
you ever priced the Adobe software that lets you DO that? Yikes! It's
REALLY REALLY expensive! But this doesn't mean you can't create your own
pdf documents. Just visit where you can convert your
own documents to pdf for free! Seriously! You can convert most commonly
used document applications (e.g., Word, Power Point, Excel, etc.) to pdf
format right at the site. Of course, I found out about this just AFTER I
bought my own software (not Adobe, but still pretty expensive). Give it a
try! Thanks to our own tech guys for showing me this one.

Portal to Asian Internet Resources (PAIR)
This site was highly recommended by CHOICE magazine. PAIR offers scholars,
students and the interested public more than six thousand professionally
selected, cataloged and annotated online resources within 25 different
subtopic areas including agriculture, business and industry, demography,
environment, politics and government, many others! An excellent resource!

I hope you will enjoy these sites and that you can find ways to make use
of them for yourself and for our patrons.


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